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A Decentralized, Immersive, Collaborative and Collective Virtual World.

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Gaming Ecosystem Redefined

A decentral and community-owned virtual world
focused on bringing together the gaming ecosystem,
especially for Gaming Entrepreneurs and Investors

It's DEXGame Metapark!

The Vision

DEXGame Metapark is designed to bring together everyone who has a vision of contributing to the development of the game industry, especially the stakeholders of the game ecosystem, by offering an enhanced experience and an unlimited exploration environment in a decentralized and community-managed fun virtual world.

In DEXGame Metapark, which emerged under the creativity and management of Switzerland-based DEXGame AG at the beginning, we aim to create a platform that encourages innovation and creativity, and that users can enjoy at the highest level by creating a bridge between game developers and investors.

With the development of metaverse and web3 technologies, we aim to shape the future of the game world together in a democratic and secure environment, open to the participation of all users, with a concept that continues to be created and managed entirely by the community in the long term.

The Mission

DEXGame AG aims to create and maintain tools that primarily bring together game-game technology developers and relevant investors in this field at DEXGame Metapark, of which it is the creator and manager at the beginning stage. These tools are fairs, seminars, conferences, incubation-acceleration programs, funding events, etc. They are versatile and inclusive tools.

In this context;


DEXGame AG; It focuses on 3 pillars that aim to contribute to the growth of the web3, blockchain and gaming industry:

Organizing various events, activities and programs for entrepreneurs for the development/growth of innovative game technologies and games.


To create a “collaborative virtual world” supported investment platform that provide blockchain-based investments in the field of Gaming Tech. and Games,


Building a decentralized game metaverse for all game ecosystem actors that continues to be created and managed entirely by the community.


The Way

One of the foundations for building a fully decentralized and community-owned metaverse, the economic and financial cycle is provided by the DXGM Token created for DEXGame Metapark. All activities carried out in this virtual universe are carried out using the DXGM Token. The interactions of users, stakeholders and organizational structures with each other in DEXGame Metapark ensure the sustainability of DXGM Token.

Although the metaverse sector, which is still quite new and developing day by day, can be developed thanks to high and innovative technology, it is not yet in a position where many people in the world can easily integrate due to certain reasons (hardware, internet speeds, etc.). DEXGame Metapark's experience, discovery, creative economy, spatial calculations, decentralization, interface and infrastructure are built on "usability" and "accessibility", not only "development".

For this reason, DEXGame Metapark carries out development studies according to the 'Seven Layers of Metaverse' systematic, which was created by Jon Radoff in the context of the vision and mission set forth by DEXGame AG and received great interest by the authorities.